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Check utility does not run

Regular Advisor

Check utility does not run

Our local HP CE gave me this neat little utility that he has me run from time to time befoew he comes out to do maintenance on our servers. It is a check utility scripts that checks the PDC and firware of various components in the system. He then uses the output to see if we are due for any firmware or PDC updates.

I ran the script dated 12/22/2004 on my two N4000's without any problems. But, I can't run on my L1000. It hangs during the retrieve mesa info portion of the script. I found the log file for this and here is the output:
*** mesa information ***
Running Command File (/usr/sbin/stm/ui/config/.stmrc).

-- Information --
Support Tools Manager

Version A.35.00

Product Number B4708AA

(C) Copyright Hewlett Packard Co. 1995-2002
All Rights Reserved

Use of this program is subject to the licensing restrictions described
in "Help-->On Version". HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting
from misuse or unauthorized use of this program.

cstm>sel all
cstm> info;wait
-- Error --
Failed to execute the information tool.
There are insufficient resources on the Unit Under Test (UUT) to perform the

Please refer to the System Activity Log on the UUT for more detail.

The User Interface is disconnecting from this UUT.
Please Refer to the UI Activity Log for more details.

-- Updating Map --
Updating Map...

Any ideas?

Regular Advisor

Re: Check utility does not run

I had to install patch PHSS_28955