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Console Logs.

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Console Logs.

We are running a rp3440 on 11.11. I want to know the dates on which the last reset was done on the GSP. Are there any logs i can look at to know who would have reset the server? we use lantronix console



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Re: Console Logs.

SL (show log) has a last reboot date.

syslog.old will also have a last reboot date. (its the time stamp at the end of the log)

shutdown log.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for since a reset is different than a reboot.

See attached for GSP logs and command set.
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Re: Console Logs.

Hi Joe ,

You can check /etc/shutdownlog file for details for system reboot/shutdown.

Also the last syslog will be saved as OLDsyslog.log , and can be useful for any other information.


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Re: Console Logs.

Hello Joe,

GSP was reset..

MP/GSP> sl > e (for error logs).. you have search for a message which says GSP/MP Selftest results..

Reset of system via GSP..
MP/GSP> sl > e should help as well, however i never checked upon it.

System related logs
a) /etc/shutdownlog.
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Re: Console Logs.

Hi Joe,

There are two ways to reset the GSP

a) GSP Reset Button at the Back of the server : It would be impossible to know who did it but through GSP logs you can know when the reset was done.

b) Through Command Line:
stty +resetGSP
You will get the hint from OLDsyslog but if the server has booted again, it will be difficult to know who did it.

Procedure to collect GSP Logs:

Press Ctrl+B at Console , it will taje you to the GSP> Prompt , type SL then "e" for error logs.

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Re: Console Logs.

Another thing to note is GSP Time-stamp will be in GMT.
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Re: Console Logs.

Hi Joe:

You should find this a useful summary of GSP commands: