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Databases/rp8400 servers


Databases/rp8400 servers

Dear all

As shown in the figure i have two HP rp8400 servers. each one is partioned into two partion (hardware partion) . we have three databases.

1. Database2 clustered between two partion from THE TWO servers by using RAC.
2. Database1 is on server1.
3. Database3 is on server2.

each database has production and test enviroment.
each server has 8 CPU and 4 HDD (36GB) , 2 HDD for each partion and the OS installed and mirrored between the two HDD in each partion.

The servers is connected to SAN through Fiber switches.

My questions as show in the figure is it possible to have this solution inorder to achieve the following? :

1. Database high avalaibilty takeing into considration that the databases will be stored into SAN array

2. In case Database1 partion0 or server1 is down or any failure is it possible that server2 or partion1(DB3) will take over by using failover policy inorder to handle DB1?

3. In case Database3 partion1 or server2 is down or any failure is it possible that DB1 will handle DB3 by using failover policy?

4. Can i use the RAC for the rest of Databases DB1 and DB3 ?

5. Can i acheive the NSPF(NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILIURE) as show in the same figure?

And if you have any suggestions
I appreciate it.

Thank you