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DDS4 on K580 not working

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DDS4 on K580 not working

I have an external DDS4 model C5683A installed on a SE card. It is the only device on that chanel. The drive has been tested on another box and it works with cable and terminator. The IO card appears to work as well (it is claimed) but I dont have another box to test with.

I have installed patch PHKL_18543.
Any ideas?

The drive light is on but I cannot read or write.

mt -t /dev/rmt/3m fsf 1 returns with:
/dev/rmt/3m: I/O error

tar -cvf /dev/rmt/3m returnd with:
tar: cannot open /dev/rmt/3m

ioscan shows:
tape 3 10/16/4.2.0 tape2 CLAIMED DEVICE HP C5683A
/dev/diag/rmt/c5t2d0 /dev/rmt/c5t2d0BEST
/dev/rmt/3m /dev/rmt/c5t2d0BESTb
/dev/rmt/3mb /dev/rmt/c5t2d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/3mn /dev/rmt/c5t2d0BESTnb
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Re: DDS4 on K580 not working

Running HP-UX 11.0
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Re: DDS4 on K580 not working

1) Make sure the tape drive's SCSI address is NOT set to 7,
2) Try insf -e to install any special device files,
3) Take a look at http://www.show.it/ftp/documenti/HP/c00070850.pdf
4) May be your SCSI connection (cable) is the good one, for your server' external SCSI connector. See page 9 for checking SCSI connection.
5) i use the same tape (with rp2470 server) and my driver is "stape", not "tape". May be that's the problem.

They say "install windows 2k, xp or better", so i install unix !