HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Deactive CPU SD32000

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Deactive CPU SD32000


I need deactive 2 cpu offline in Server Superdome32000.
Not Icod.

Someone knows the procedure
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Re: Deactive CPU SD32000

Hi Leonardo,

Shutdown server
shutdown -ry 0
Interrupt reboot at the 10 second warning
Type co to go to configure mode
Type cpu to see all CPUs & their status
You have to deconfigure CPUs from #3 backwards on the cell(s) you wish - type
cpu off
so for example to disable cpu 3 on cell 5
cpu 5 3 off
Type cpu again to verify.
You must then reset the system for change to take effect. So type ma to get back to main menu. Then type reset to start the reboot.

Note this procedure applies to *all* cell-based systems - not just 'Domes.

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