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Different firmware versions between cell boards on rp7410

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Different firmware versions between cell boards on rp7410


We've got an engineer on site (hence the slightly inexact error message) who's installed another cell board in an RP7410. When he tries to add the cell board to partition 0, Partition Manager refuses to do this, stating that the firmware versions of the cell boards is different (existing board is v16.9; new board is v17.5).
Is there a way to copy the newer firmware to the old board, or perhaps a firmware update for the cell board?
The only firmware updates I can find seem to be for the entire machine - latest is v6.0 - do these contain the cellboard firmwares?
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Re: Different firmware versions between cell boards on rp7410

all cell boards making a partition should be at the same firmware verison , should have exactly the same amount of memory in the exact same DIMM slots .

In this case iether you chamge the firmware version or create another partition from the new cell board .

THe HP engineer usually have all the firmwares on a CD and he can use the CD/DVD drive on one of the core I/O boards to instal the firmware .
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Re: Different firmware versions between cell boards on rp7410

The firmware update (version 6.0) does contain firmware images for the cell boards (as well as MP). The update process is not as straightforward as previous systems so be sure to go through the instructions before attempting. In short, the patch is downloaded and un-tarred to a machine that is ftp accessible to the rp7410's Core IO/MP lan. You then update a section of the server at a time. When you download the firmware image you get a fairly detailed instruction manual that explains the process.

Of course, if you have a hardware contract, you can request that the hardware provider to the work. Just note that this does require the OS be down and can take a good hour if you have to update all components.

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