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DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?

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DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?

Should I be worried? Ambient temperature is fine, and no vents are blocked.

From syslog:

/usr/sbin/envd[2087]: ***** OVERTEMP_CRIT WARNING *****

From EMS:

Processor cabinet intake temperature is too hot

Description of Error:

The system intake temperature is too high.

Probable Cause / Recommended Action:

Something is blocking the cooling intakes in the system processing unit
Check for obstructions.

The room containing the SPU is too hot.
Check for problems with the room air conditioning.

Additional Event Data:
System IP Address...: x.x.x.x
Event Id............: 0x42a42d7f00000000
Monitor Version.....: B.01.00
Event Class.........: System
Client Configuration File...........:
Client Configuration File Version...: A.01.00
Qualification criteria met.
Number of events..: 1
Associated OS error log entry id(s):
Additional System Data:
System Model Number.............: 9000/800/S16K-A
OS Version......................: B.11.11
STM Version.....................: A.47.00
EMS Version.....................: A.04.00
Latest information on this event:

From the chassis error log:

83 PDHC 0,0 *6 0x206003629300405f 0x00ffff00ff00ff95 DNA_FAN_SLOW
83 PDHC 0,0 *6 0x58600b0000004050 0x0000690506062c16 06/06/2005 06:44:22
82 PDHC 0,0 *6 0x206002629300405f 0x00ffff00ff00ff95 DNA_FAN_SLOW
82 PDHC 0,0 *6 0x58600a0000004050 0x0000690506061f0a 06/06/2005 06:31:10
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Re: DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?

I feel the FAN is about to fail and speed has became slow. So the internal temperature increased?

May be the FAN is on the way to heaven.

Be aware that if temp is not coming down, the "envd" would shutdown the server!

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Re: DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?


You will want to have this checked out. The DNA is also known as the Cell Controller. There is a fan on it, and yours is running slow. It may be clogged with dust or it may just be going out on you. Either way, the DNA chip is overheating and this will cause you problems.

Be prepared to send the ts99 file to the response center, they will want to analyze it to be certain.

Good luck - Tim
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Re: DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?

Summary: CC chip fan failing
Description: The fan on a CC chip is operating in a manner that provides enough air flow to cool the processor but is not at normal operation
The CC chip fan identified by the attached physical location is not operating at expected speed.

Contact HP Support personnel to troubleshoot problem
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Re: DNA_FAN_SLOW -- Should I be worried?

All fine now, thanks.
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