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Re: Dual Core

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Dual Core

Hi there,

I'm having problems to identity if my machine a RP3440 has 2 CPUs or only one CPU dual core, is there a command to show this?





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Re: Dual Core

there are a few ways.
first you have to understand the diffrence between dual core and single core,
HP refers to the rp3410/40 as Single or dual socket and then single or dual core.
the socket means a phisical CPU, the core means 1 of 2 processors per phisical CPU (hope i defined it right).

if you run a simple "ioscan -f" you can see how many processors show up.
if you have a single socket (a single CPU installed) and the ioscan shows 2 processors lines at the bottem then it is a dual core.
if the results are a single processor from the ioscan then it is a single core.

you can also stop the server at the BCH before booting and run the followin commands:


that will show you how many processors are installed (max 4).

hope that answer the question

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