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E 45 server

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E 45 server

hi ,experts
my E 45 server boot disk failer , this disk 2 gb , now i have 18 gb disk ,18 gb is support this server can you tell me any one ....


Noble Sebastian
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Re: E 45 server


the disk must be either SE-SCSI or FW differential, depending on your scsi connection.
What OS version are you using?

Hope this helps!

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Re: E 45 server


With a 9000/E45, we're probably talking
about the internal SCSI bus, which is
single-ended narrow SCSI. Some older
models had a firmware problem handling
a boot disk bigger than 4 GB ... I can't
remember if this is a problem on an E45
or not.

Assuming you have backup tapes, you might
find that getting a cheap used 9000 from
eBay is easier, cheaper, quicker, and much
more reliable. True, such a computer would
probably be 10 to a hundred times faster
than your E45, but if you don't mind that... :)

The most likely problem you would have
in replacing your E45 with a newer one is
if your software is written for a really
old version of HP-UX (like the kind
available when the E45 was new). If so,
porting it to the newer HP-UX might be
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Re: E 45 server

18Gb was never supported on this server because the disks did not exist when the E45 went out of production. So the answer is:

- the drive must match the interface you are using

- the version of HP-UX must support larger disks

Since 18Gb have never been tested for the E45, you'll be experimenting on this task.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: E 45 server


always a good feeling to know how long our PARisc machines are running :-)

The E45 (which by the way is a very reliable, but now slow machine) has a narrow single ended disk.
I think there is no "supported" disk, because the server itself is no longer supported, but it seems that there is still an active partnumber for a internal 18 GB disk for the E-Class (the same as in D2X0 servers):

A5545-69002 18GB HDD D8E-CLASS

This part is searchable and active on

regarding the use of other 18 GB disks that never have been supported:

in any case you need a converter from the wide to the narrow connector used in the E45 (if you use a LVD/SE disk) or a HVD/SE converter if a Fast/Wide Differential disk is used.

best regards