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E35 FLT 300B

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E35 FLT 300B

My E35 server is not booting i am getting FLT 300B message in the console. Fault LED in the fornt Panel. What may be the problem?
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Re: E35 FLT 300B

Log onto GSP and check chassis logs and console logs.

sl and cl commands.
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Re: E35 FLT 300B

Selftest Sys Bd FLT 300b CHASSIS_BAD_RTC

means some problem with system board.

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Re: E35 FLT 300B

N E35 does not have anything like a GSP.
I would suggest you log a hardware call with your local HP Response Centre
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Re: E35 FLT 300B

Wow ! This server was introduced 1993. It is always good to hear that there are still some of them outside.
Opening a call at HP support will maybe not help as this server type is no longer supported.
Anyway, I found a service manual of this box and as Awadhesh already outlined it points to a problem with the Real Time Clock "READ_RTC_FLT" which is located on the backplane (not 100 % sure, could also be the CPU board).
I know that there is a battery on the backplane, maybe it is dead ? But I cannot remember similar problems caused by a failed battery. Maybe the backplane or CPU board needs to be replaced ...

good luck

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Re: E35 FLT 300B

most likely you need a new CR2325 (or BR2325)
battery for the Real Time Clock on the
CPU board.

Easy to replace ...
(normally, I'd suggest a full backup
first ... but that requires being
able to boot :)

Look on the back of the E55 (or Ex5 or 3000/9x8) for the board labelled "CPU" ...
undo the two Torx T-10 screws. (On some
systems, they're covered by a bit of metal
from a panel on the right ... undo that
panel first and remove it). (All the
screws are captive screws.) Pull the
CPU board (observing usual anti-static
protections). The battery is large and obvious.

Install new battery, reassemble.

Power on ... but stay nearby and interrupt
the bootup when you see text like
"To discontinue, press any key within 10 seconds." At that point, you should
be at the PDC prompt. Enter "CO" to
enter the configuration menu, then use
the TIME command to set the clock to
GMT (UTC) (not local time):
TIme [c:y:m:d:h:m:[s]]

E.g., TIME 20:05:11:17:21:18:00

then, boot to HP-UX (or whatever).