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Firmware version of HP 9000 servers

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Firmware version of HP 9000 servers

Hi All,

How can I check the current frimware level of my server. If i use stm there is one info for system as sversion , hversion etc. Is any of this a firmware version?

How do i know what is the current firmware version for the server?

Thanks a lot
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Re: Firmware version of HP 9000 servers


HP9000 servers (aka PA-RISC based systems) are using PDC (processor depending code) as firmware. You should run the info tool from stm against the CPU to get the installed version. On newer systems you can also run

MP:CM> sysrev

to get this information.
Compare your results with the versions stored on ITRC.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Firmware version of HP 9000 servers

Actually, there is no single firmware version as there are several places where firmware is used. Really old servers usually have a single firmware version. Use this command to report on all the installed hardware:

echo "selclass qualifier all;info;wait;infolog" | cstm

Note that you can't grep for "version" and "revision" because some of the listings are in table format so the line with "revision" may return just a header line (as in the memory controller report). So you'll have to extract just what you are looking for.

Note: cstm is /usr/sbin/cstm and if it is not there, the system has no online diagnostics installed -- a serious oversight. All machines should have these tools installed.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Firmware version of HP 9000 servers

For systems that are not "too" old there is a decent chance that following the software and downloads link on www.hp.com, and giving it the model of HP 9000 (aka the last bits out of the model command's output) you can be directed to the latest (set of) firmware for the system.
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