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flashing LED ?

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flashing LED ?

How do you find out the cause of the 'flashing LED' on the server, that found during the floor check activity?




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Re: flashing LED ?

Studying documentation generally helps. Flashing LED's might simply be disk activity. All equipment comes with diagnostic documentation that serves a purpose. It's time that you learned what that purpose is.
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Re: flashing LED ?

Social comment: Bah, what an incredibly lousy question. :-(

Anyway, here is the answer:

You read system model from the box, then find the Userguide for the system in question in print or on the web and READ it carefully.

Or, you can be lazy, and post the question on the web and hope some kind person will bother to try to help.

Most likely you need to connect to a console and read teh system log (MP: SL:...)

Of course in order to get reasonable help you really should indicate the exact system model and make (HP? Sun? ..) and a description of which LED is flashing, and HOW
For example: "My HP RX2620 has a LED betweeb teh power switch and CD drive which is flashing green slowly" : it is in standby"

Other example:

Best regards,
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Re: flashing LED ?

Hi Indrajit,

-Below are the Few Scenarios & Causes, Why you see Flashing Red Led

- Flashing Led on HDD indicates Either some one is Accessing Array Configuration Utility if not the HDD is Faulty

- Flashing Red led on the Server , the Icon next to which is Squiggly line inside a Box [~]. Means Internal Server Failure

- Flashing Red led on the Server . the Icon next to which is Just a Squiggly line indicates External Failure, Like Power Supply Failure(The Icon is ~ ).

- Joyson
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Re: flashing LED ?

You put this question in section "general", not in one of

» 9000
» HP BladeSystem
» Integrity Servers
» ProLiant servers (ML,DL)
» e3000
» general
» netservers

So it could be anything!
The same is true for the reason why a LED is blinking - could be anything.

Think at least about the server model and the color of the light ...

Or consider this:

It's blinking - it's still alive.

Hope this helps!

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Re: flashing LED ?


From the purely electronic sound of things, you will probably find that the LED is flashing, because it's connected to an oscillator circuit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_oscillator that is creating a square wave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_wave

The anode of the LED will be connected to this oscillator, causing it to flash at some frequency.

Hope this helps :-)