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genesis partition

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genesis partition

What is a genesis partition? And how to create it and to install the OS ?
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Re: genesis partition


"Genesis" is an allusion to this:


having the meanings of "birth", "creation", "cause", "beginning", "source" and "origin".

This is the first step to build a partitionable server at the factory. Normally you never need to do this.

Just power on your server and install the OS (most of the servers shipped by HP have an OS preinstalled).

Hope this helps!

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Re: genesis partition

In cell based systems you normally create nPars from another nPar that is up and running. All the commands are performed from HP-UX. (or Windows).

That being said the partition database is stored in the MP and even if you were to loose the OS on all your nPars the partition database would still be there.

If you have a need to start from scratch you can create a Genisis partiton from the MP or GSP level of your system. All commands bentioned below are from the CM prompt from the GSP. (you will need to be logged in to the MP with an account that either has Admin or Operator privilges. The default account is "Admin/Admin"

A CP command will show you what partitions you have and which cells are in each partition.

You will then have to place every partition into a "Ready to Reconfig" state by usng the RR command for each partition. Wait for each partition to get into a Ready to Reconfig boot is blocked state. You can check this by using the VFP command from the main menu.

Once all partitions are in the correct state you can use the CC command to create the genisis partition. It should ask you which cell to use for the genisis partition. If you have a Superdome it will first ask you which cabinet. Usually you pick cabinet 0 cell 0.
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Re: genesis partition

I suggest you seriously consider actually reading some manuals at some stage.
See here for Npartions manuals
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