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Hardware failure

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Hardware failure

I Have a rp8400 server which has the attn botton on.

2 of my 1 Gigabit ethernet are not working and the disks show orange light.

Is there a way for me to see an errorlog if the machine wont start?

What should i replace?

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Re: Hardware failure


well it depends...
First of all, you can use any kind of console (local, LAN, or Web-Cosnole) and type Ctrl-B to get access to the Service Processor (GSP>). Here, you can use the "sl" command (submenu "e"rror). This will give you some error information (in a rather corse way). This will also clear the ATN LED.

Can you start HP-UX?
Do you get at least to the "main menu" (that's the place where you end up when you hat any key on the 10 seconds message)? From here, also some sort of troubleshooting could be started...

I guess it is easiest to call HP.


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Re: Hardware failure

Well the attention light wi go off once you login into the MP , service processor . From the console press cntrl+B , to go to MP service processor . THe default login and password is Admin:Admin . oncle you enter read and acknowledge the logs . youe attention lights should yurn off .

As for the failed ethernet , you have to replace that . If that ethernet card is in a OLAR slot , you can replace it inline without bringing down the server , but better check with the HP engineer .

THe system should come up fine . But if there are any problems , you can always boot the system in single user mode or lvm maintenance mode and rectify your problems before booting in multi users mode .

If you are expecting any problems then an ignite backup and backups of your system will come in handy .