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HP Workstation RAM in L2000 Servers

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HP Workstation RAM in L2000 Servers

For years we've been saving money by using A4995A workstation RAM in L2000's and N4000's. Now we're staging a couple of L2000A versions with 16 x A6016A - 1GB Modules to max out the RAM at 16GB's. Now we're getting error codes. We updated all the firmware on the L2000's, but maybe that was the problem.

Many other people we've talked to have done this in the past. Any thoughts as to why these modules are not working now? They are the same 5 x 5 number as original HP RAM.
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Re: HP Workstation RAM in L2000 Servers

Well Chris, if you have the PDC up to at least 41.46, I guess it'd be safe to say you've run smack up against the reason that HP has memory certified to run on Workstations and more expensive memory to run on Servers. You're a reseller so I won't bother going into the product numbers for the different memory available, I'm know you already have all that.

I would have to compare it to putting cheap tires on a high performance car. Sure they work just fine as long as you never go over 60mph (~100kph for our metric friends), but take it up to 130mph and those cheap tires fall apart. Paying the extra money for the Z rates treads gives the car the ability to reach its potential. Putting low-end memory in a high-end server, well, enough said, I'm sure you get the point.

Just trying to inject a little humor.

Good Luck - Tim
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