HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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HP9000/D-370 and LVD/SE

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HP9000/D-370 and LVD/SE

So, how does one add LVD/SE capability to the subject server?

Is there an EISA card that will do it?
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Re: HP9000/D-370 and LVD/SE

Please see:
Scroll to the bottom to find a list of HP SCSI Adapters.

No luck for LVD, I'm afraid: when LVD was developed, PCI was already becoming the standard bus. Looks like HP chose not to develop LVD cards for old bus types.

The only EISA SE card would be A2679A, and like all EISA cards, it is supported in 11.xx with 32-bit OS only.
SE also has a very strict limit on SCSI cable length, so it may not be the ideal solution if you need external SCSI devices.

A better solution might be a HVD-to-LVD converter. It would allow you to plug in LVD disks to your HVD bus and use them with full HVD transfer speed. Google can find them for you.