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IPL error: bad LIF magic


IPL error: bad LIF magic

Hello Gurus,

I have two rp3440 servers. one brand new and the other fairly used. the fairly used one had this red system light error and couldn't boot. i decided using parts from the brand new one to troubleshoot the fairly used. after swapping parts i.e. memory, fans and hdd, i can't get the brand new server to boot now. it's giving red system light as well. and whenever i boot, i get this error:

IPL error: bad LIF magic.
.... FAILED.

attached is the log from the brand new server.
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Re: IPL error: bad LIF magic

Looks like the LIF area of the boot disk is bad and the system can't find another disk to boot.

If the disks are mirrored, try the secondary.

If not, try to repair the boot area of the disks (using the recovery shell on the install DVD).

Hope this helps!

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Re: IPL error: bad LIF magic


well it looks like the server is actually fine as its greting as far as pdc level and trying to boot.

The system just cannot find anything bootable?

Make sure you have got the right disks back in the right place, or stop it from booting and search for bootable devices.

bad lif magic is just telling you that there is no good lif on the disk!