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K360 booting problem

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K360 booting problem

I have just put down 11.i on an old K360 box to be used as a test server. However, I cannot get the server to come up now. I am getting the following message on the display panel:


This comes up right after it checks the system I/O but before anything comes up on the system console. Any ideas on what this might be? This server has no support due to its age and because it is to be a test server. It is not an OS issue as the server never gets that far.




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Re: K360 booting problem

FLTCBF0 HPMC handling initiated

HPMC = High priority Machine Check

I would say you might be looking at a hardware problem.

Please find attached a source for the front panel codes on a K.
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Re: K360 booting problem


I feel this is reflecting some issuse with core I/O card. Shutdown the system and try to re-fix that card.


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Re: K360 booting problem

Bob --

You can interrupt the box at the boot screen and get the pim data.

From there you can use the code sheet posted by the first user to interpret what is going to see if it is indeed an hpmc.

Keep in mind that you will also get a CBF0 from a system panic.

Given where you are failing, I would reseat the I/O boards and check cables, scsi addresses and termination.

If this box has external I/O, power the box down and disconnect the external I/O and boot with as little hardware as possible to see if you can get past the issue.

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