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K460 support question

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K460 support question

I need to find the date that hw support for the k460 will be discontinued. I can't seem to find it on itrc. I found a spreadsheet on the web which said May 31, 2005. It listed the last update as being June 01' though.


Jeremy Welling
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Re: K460 support question

Hi Jeremy,

I have the same .xls & that date - 5/31/05 is correct AFAIK. K360/460 was discontinued 6/1/00 & typically EOL is 5 years after discontinuance.

Here's the .xls for perusal

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Re: K460 support question

I don't know the date, but I just put two K460s on support (one year contract) and I wasn't warned about end of support (which usually happens).

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Re: K460 support question

I too have that document. We have heard comments from the Support Center personel that it is not set in stone, and that there is a more recent one, but they are not giving it out (HP internal only).
As for the support, they did not tell us when we re-upped our contracts in Aug 2002. We had 3 Nova-Class machines running at the time, and had a failure in one of them after February 2003. They told us then, but fixed it and honored the contract until we shut them down in June (was planned anyway). They even credited the difference against our following year contract.
As of February 2003, the dates on that document were correct.

For reference, the dates on that document say that the D(200-260, 310, 350, 360), E, F, G, H, I, K(x00-x20) and T5X0 are unsupported, and they are all actually off-support.
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Re: K460 support question

The Documents I have seen indicate that the K460 has no support date set. Here's what I have:

F20/30 : Nov. 1, 2002
F10,E,G,H,I-class : Feb. 29, 2004
D200,D210,D250,D310,D350 : Dec 31 2005
T-class : Dec. 31 2005
K100,Kx00,Kx10 : June 30 2006
Kx20 : June 2007

All the others have no date set. Generally, HP gives 3 years notice for end of support.

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