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Re: L Class GSP problem

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L Class GSP problem

Upon applying power to the chassis, both LED's on the GSP card go red for some seconds, then go green for a while longer, then revert back to red and keeps repeating this sequence (takes around 30 seconds per sequence).

The console screen comes up with the message "SYSTEM ALERT" each time the sequence repeats.

Any ideas/suggestions welcomed please?!
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Re: L Class GSP problem

Have a look at

Troubleshooting > GSP LED States.

It would seem to indicate that the GSP has failed. You could try removing the power cords from the machine for a couple of minutes or do a GSP Reset.
Then try to power it up again.
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Re: L Class GSP problem

Many thank for the link.

I've tried those suggestions as well, all to no avail, and am now waiting on one of our h/w suppliers confirming my suspicions that this GSP has "gone west".

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Re: L Class GSP problem

Hi Jim,

Yes it could be possible that your GSP card is faulty, are you able to log in through the console or remote on to this GSP ?

Can you forward some logs from GSP ?

GSP>SL ===> select E and D to dump on screen (ensure to capture)..


Best Regards,