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L2000-44 or rp5430?

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L2000-44 or rp5430?

I have the following :

L2000-44, 440MHz with 4 CPUs, 4GB Memory.
rp5430, 750MHz with 2 CPUs, 8GB Memory.

Which system has better performance??

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Re: L2000-44 or rp5430?

I am jumping in blind because the blasted specs are miussing from the HP website.

The answer is....it depends.

Both systems will give you great IO performance due to the PCI IO bus.

The system with the greater amouint of memory will perform better in memory intensive applications. (Your rp5430)

The system with more processors will handle concurrency better. (Most apps are single threaded).

So you see it is going to depend on the app mix and the type of apps you are running. Is there any way you can run some real world trials to get a feel for how things are going to work in your shop?

I would just remind you that memory is the cheapest performance enhancer there is.

Now let's roll the dice and come up with a wild guess.... I'd guess that the rp5430 would be faster in most situations. Remember, this is just a guess, go run some real world tests using the apps your shop is running. Remember to do these from a clean boot each time otherwise you will have data already in memory and this will skew the results.
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Re: L2000-44 or rp5430?


we will have to look at the TPMC of the 2 models for comparision.

L2000 -> 22,422 (based on 4CPUs and max 16GB memory)
rp5430 -> 27,500 (based on 2CPUs and max 8GB memory)

the info was taken from this site:

the above serves as a guide, and for more info, u may like to approach HP.

(p.s. remember to assign points.)
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