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LAN Console ^Ecf fails to give write access


LAN Console ^Ecf fails to give write access

L2000 HP-UX11
GSP and secure web console
Console set to EM100 emulate VT100 mode

Telnet to the GSP and receive
Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access

Type Ctrl and e nothing happens
Type c the "use ^Ecf message" appears again
Type f the "use ^Ecf message" appears again

Nothing appears to say 'bumped user'

I can log in using the secure web console but am usually shelling from other Unix boxes so the GSP is more useable.

How can I grab write access given ^Ecf fails?
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Re: LAN Console ^Ecf fails to give write access

It could the timing of hitting the Ctrl-E and hitting cf.

After hitting Ctrl-E nothing is supposed to happen, until you hit the cf.

This is from the documentation:
[Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access.]

To gain write access to the system console, enter:

<^ (control)ecf> keys

That is, while holding down the Control key, press the e key, then release the Control key and press the c and f keys. Write access is retained until another user requests console write access.
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Re: LAN Console ^Ecf fails to give write access

For anyone else suffering .. I found the solution.

Another telnet client ^Ecf gave write access.
Usual telnet client ^Ecf did not.

The usual telnet client configuration had a macro programmed against ^E (control + E) so the expected codes were not preceding the cf characters.
removed the macro and the ^cf bumped the other users as originally intended