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Moving RP8400 Rack

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Moving RP8400 Rack

I have a rack with 2 RP2405's, an 8-way RP8400, 4 2100 disk racks, a couple of stand-alone LTO tape drives and a 30-slot tape loader.

I want to move this to a datacenter several buildings away. I have interior hallways and elevators (I don't need to go outside). Any thoughts/precautions/steps to go ahead and move this?

I understand that if something breaks that it's time and materials from hp but I think we're going to take the risk.


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Re: Moving RP8400 Rack

Hi Bob, that's an awful lot of $$$ that you are moving. I would take eveything out of the rack and move them separately. If it is one of the HP racks, i.e. E25/E33/E41 take off the side panels because they are very fragile and break at the slightest knock. I suppose the best way would be to get some specialist removal people to do it and they would then be insured for any damages that might happen during the move.
Obviously the RP8400 is very heavy, so you you will have to have lots of bodies to very carefully lift it.

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Re: Moving RP8400 Rack

Hi Bob

The only exception to the last message is regarding the 8400. This is not a system we would ever lift by hand - it is not practical or safe. Time and materials for the hardware is on thing, safety is another. Worth considering moving it in the rack if possible, otherwise you will need decent lift/moving equipment.

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