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NClass HP 4000 Loss Configuration

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NClass HP 4000 Loss Configuration

What board should we replace if we have a server N Class HP 4000 that loss its configuration. what board is it?
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Re: NClass HP 4000 Loss Configuration

Hi SCSI Error (what a nickname!),

there are batteries on the system board and the MP/core IO board.
Do you receive any battery related messages in the logs (MP system log)?

Could be "battery low" or "battery failed".

Hope this helps!

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Re: NClass HP 4000 Loss Configuration

hi scsi,

It really depends upon the configuration lost?

The system configuration at PDC or configuration on GSP?

has the server been running? just crashed? or rebooted or just powered on after not bee used for a while?

Also which N4000 is it? rev A,B or C

As torsten says it may well be just the coin cell dead? check with volt meter

Apart from that does the server power up normally and run