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PCI MUX connection to an rp8420 server

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PCI MUX connection to an rp8420 server

Hello, I'm trying to connect an HP 16 port RS-232 DB25 PCI MUX (part number AD281-2000A) to our rp8420 server running HP-UX 11.11. I connected the MUX while the server was powered off and then powered it on. No software accompanied the MUX so I assumed the driver would be loaded when the machine booted up - foolish assumption on my part. I see the following entry in the ioscan output:

Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
unknown -1 0/0/12/1/0 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN PCI SimpleComm (114f0059)

I see some other ITRC threads referencing a utility called pmux_diag for configuration of the MUX but it isn't installed on my server.
I don't have any experience connecting a MUX to an HP-UX host.

Can anyone out there provide some insight into the configuration of this module including the appropriate driver?

How can I get this pmux_diag utility?

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: PCI MUX connection to an rp8420 server


I would check http://docs.hp.com

Either the part is bad or its not certified for the slot or system.

Only parts certified on the server plans will work with this hardware.

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Re: PCI MUX connection to an rp8420 server

Based on this page:


The only MUX's that are supported are the A6748A and A6749A. The large scale servers are not like PCs at all and the PCI card cage does not imply that anything will work, even it is an HP card. MUX cards have historically required special drivers and support tools so be sure your replacement card comes with software.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin