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Power requirement on rp2470

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Power requirement on rp2470

I am trying to determine/verify the exact amp specification on the rp2470 server. Our office is obtaining additional servers and we currently are using multiple pdu's (model A5137AZ) in this particular rack. I need to know what my present amp usage is and what I need to consider/engineer to address requirments with the additional servers.
Any help is appreciated. Steve
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Re: Power requirement on rp2470

Hi Steve, I think you can find all of the technical specs on the RP2470 in the following link:

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Re: Power requirement on rp2470

What CPUs do you have?

1.3A @ 200V
290W typical power dissipation
350W maximum power dissipation

1.4A @ 200V
300W typical power dissipation
400W maximum power dissipation

Power factor at full load:
.95 @ 240V
.98 @ 120V
0.6kW rating for UPS loading

What are the chances...
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Re: Power requirement on rp2470

Couldn't find anything about power (amp specs) in the recommended doc. I had looked at this earlier, without any success.

The current rp2470's have two (2) 750MHz cpu's.
The proposed additional new rp's will be havings the 875MHz processors.

I had thought the socket label on the back of the server showed 2.6A rating, but wasn't sure if this was steady or max, or even an accurate server spec value.

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Re: Power requirement on rp2470

Input Power Requirements
rp24xx server input power requirements are listed as follows:

Stand Alone Server Power Requirements
â ¢ Nominal Rated Voltage: 100 or 240 VAC
â ¢ Input Voltage:
80 to 135 VAC
176 to 269 VAC
â ¢ Input Frequency: 47 to 66 Hz
â ¢ Input Current: 1.0 amps at maximum load with input voltage of 88 VAC and 47 Hz

If an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is to be used, ensure that it is properly connected to the server.
Power cord plugs for stand-alone servers are available to meet unique power configurations used all over the
Cabinet Mounted Server Power Requirements
Cabinet-mounted servers have the same power requirements as stand-alone servers. However, the power
cords for cabinets are dependent on the type of Power Distribution Unit (PDU).
PDU power cords with one end stripped are also available for attaching country-specific power plugs. Refer to
cabinet documentation for further cabinet-specific electrical power inf
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