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Pre Analysis script for HP 9000 Containers

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Pre Analysis script for HP 9000 Containers

Hello All,

Pleae let me know if there is any script/procedure available to study the existing PA RISC environment to give a report on the compatibility of the applications inside the HP 9000 Containers.

It should be run on the PA-RISC server and that should report with the info like the workloads, whether it fits for the container or not, etc..

Jayaprakash S
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Re: Pre Analysis script for HP 9000 Containers

Hi Jayaprakash:

Currently there are no scanner tools or any such facility which could be run on PA-RISC servers to report suitability of workloads/applications for HP 9000 Containers.

You could find the list of workloads not suitable for HP 9000 Containers if it falls under one of following categories

- Kernel intrusive, uses kernel modules
- Manageability applications having close dependency on underlying OS/platform.

I would suggest going through HP 9000 Containers Administrator's guide http://h21007.www2.hp.com/portal/download/files/prot/files/hp9000/HP9000_Containers_Admin_Guide.pdf

Refer to chapter 6, page 26-28 for details on operations/applications not supported for deployment with HP 9000 Containers.

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Re: Pre Analysis script for HP 9000 Containers

I'm not sure why this thread was moved from HP-UX to server forum, because this is really HP-UX related, not hardware.

Consider to ask the mods to move it back to get more answers.

Hope this helps!

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