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Questions of Web Console

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Questions of Web Console

Hi Friends.!

I have 2 Questions about web console,

1.- I configure web console in one box n4000 without problems, but, for policies of the not be use the port 80, its possible change the port for reasons of security.?

2.- Its possible, configure web console in boxes v-class..???

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Re: Questions of Web Console

1. I do not believe the port of the listening web server inside the secure web console box can be changed. You are most probably stuck with port 80.

2. V-class machines, having an earlier incarnation of lan-consoles, I believe, are not compatible with the secure web consoles. I do not remeber seeing a serial console port on a V-class machine. You have to have a lan console of some type. And it has been ages since I touched a v-calss machine, my knowledge is really stale.
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
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Re: Questions of Web Console

Regarding Mel's answer to the original question 2:

There *is* a serial console interface on a V-class server. It's just that it's usually connected to the Test Station (a workstation dedicated as a V-class console and diagnostic tool) and always stays that way.

A Test Station is a HP-UX 10.20 workstation, with some special software installed in /spp. It is connected to a V-Class (or a SCA cluster of them) with a serial cable and a coaxial Ethernet for hardware diagnostics. Usually there is one free LAN interface which can be used to make the Test Station into a big "LAN console" box. Just install SSH (or your preferred remote access solution) on the thing and lock down all unnecessary services.

Remember that it's a 10.20 (=obsolete), which means you cannot really be "up to date" in security patches: connecting it to a non-secure segment of your network is a bad idea.

If you don't have a Test Station, you could try connecting the web console box to the serial console cable of the V-Class. It may well work... but without a Test Station it will be difficult to troubleshoot hardware failures and perform configuration changes on a V-Class hardware.

Recently we moved one of our V-Class servers to a different server room. It turned out that the power supply of the Test Station had given up the ghost... once shutdown, it could not start up anymore. Getting the correct type of PSU took a while. We ended up using a 700/96 terminal with the V-Class until the Test Station was fixed. Nothing special was needed.