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re : rp8400 quires

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re : rp8400 quires

Hi Guiys,
Can I check if is possible to install the hpux operating system on rp8400 via a internal dvd rom drive. If it can can I know the default hardware path to the dvd drive ?? But, if it cannot than how can I install the hpux os on the server???

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Re: re : rp8400 quires

Boot your machine until it is at the BCH prompt (Boot Contrl Handler) - ther is about a 10 second window where you can interrupt the process.

Then do a SEA ALL

It should be obvious which path is the Optical drive.

If you cannot discern, then just do an Ignite Install (network boot)

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Re: re : rp8400 quires

Yes, installation from the internal DVD is supported.

The default path will depend on the configuration of the partition. Cells 0 and 1 will attach to the internal I/O chassis. Running SEA ALL as posted above will list all of the internal drives, but will not discern between hard drives and optical drives.

Here are the default paths for the internal DVD Drives:
- Top drive (attaches to cell 0): 0/0/0/2/1.2.0
- Bottom drive (attaches to cell 1): 1/0/0/2/1.2.0

Note that the default ID for DVD drives is 2, but can be changed.

Once you have the HP-UX media installed, issue BO and answer N to interact with IPL. This will start the installation utility.

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