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remove one virtual partition

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remove one virtual partition

Hi, team

Currently, there is one hard partition with 4 virtual partition. I am going to remove one of the virtual partition by using vparremove -p vparname, (of course this vpar need to be shutdown first). My concern is

1. Once this virtual partition been removed, will all the assigned resources (CPU, Memory, I/O) be released to the pool and remain un-allocated state ?

2. Assume that this virtual partition was removed successfully. if reset the hard partition, will this virtual partition be activated again. ?

3. How can i ensure that this virtual partition be remove from /stand/vpmon

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Re: remove one virtual partition


vparremove is documented as releasing resources:

"All resources associated with the
virtual partition are made available
for allocation to other partitions."

I'd read that as a definite "yes" to
your question #1.

#2. Good question. The man page is silent
about this point. But, there's a hint
in that you can optionally specify the
database file from which to remove the
partition (if you don't specify it,
the monitor's database is used).
If you remove it from the database used
by the startup scripts, then it's not
going to get restarted later.

#3. vpmon vparinfo should list the known
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Re: remove one virtual partition

Hi, Stan

thank for your reply.
is that any command can be executed on one of the vpar and ensure that the database has been updated.
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Re: remove one virtual partition

1) yes

2) no, it was removed already

3) vparstatus [-v]

All info is inside the vpar database (vpdb). This is synchronized between all active vpars. unless you start the vpmon from another (different) database, your vpar is gone after you did the remove.

Hope this helps!

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Re: remove one virtual partition

i have practise as recommendation