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replaced system board in rp3440

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replaced system board in rp3440

After replacing system board in server, I now get a message saying that the 2nd socket/cores have been deactivated while the o/s is coming up. Now the system is only running with 2 processors on the first socket.

The product number and model string appear to be correct in that they match what was there originally.

Is this due to the serial number of the original and replacement system board being different.

How can I resolve this ??
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Re: replaced system board in rp3440

Hiya Lynn!

Looks like HP will have to come in and configure it.

Generally, changing serial #'s can have concequences.

Hope this helps.
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Re: replaced system board in rp3440

With an official spare part from HP you should get an instruction how to proceed.

The config of a new board is a system model of **rp3410** without a serial number.

You probably see messages like this:

WARNING: A fatal error has occurred- system cannot boot.
Review warning messages in the Information menu.
WARNING: Setting DEFAULTS has failed.
WARNING: The system serial number is invalid.

WARNING: Too many CPUs for this system.
WARNING: The CPU speed exceeds the limit, 800MHz, for this system.
Installation of upgrade license required run this system
with the installed CPUs.

WARNING: More memory installed in this system than the
supported maximum, 6 GBytes, for this system.
WARNING: Card in unsupported PCI slot, 3 or 4, for this system.

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > in all

Model: hp server . (model string 9000/800/rp3410 )

Processor Speed Model Model/Op CVERSION State
--------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------------
0 1000 MHz 0x0886 0x0491 3.2 Active
1 1000 MHz 0x0886 0x0491 0.0 Stopped:Deconfigured
2 1000 MHz 0x0886 0x0491 3.2 Idle
3 1000 MHz 0x0886 0x0491 3.2 Idle

Central Bus Speed (in MHz) : 200
Cannot compute Software ID from current serial and product numbers
Software Capability : 0x01f0

To set the correct values, read them from the chassis label and run

Service Menu: Enter command > init

This is a one time chance to do this. If values are already set (and wrong), you cannot change them - only HP can.

Hope this helps!

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Re: replaced system board in rp3440

Thanks for the responses.