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Replacing 300gb disk RP7420

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Replacing 300gb disk RP7420

I had to replace a 300gb disk on a RP7420, the system is running 3 VPARs so I didn't want to reboot, I know the disks are hot-pulggable but the system wouldn't see the new disk until a reboot was done, is this normal or is there a configuration problem? Thanks.



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Re: Replacing 300gb disk RP7420

Each disk can be owned by a single vPar only, so this does not make a real difference to a "normal" system.

The disks are hot-pluggable.

Over the time there are some patches regarding several SCSI and LVM problems - so it would be good to know what your status currently is - what is the latest patch bundle you have installed?

Consider to do a patch assessment to check this part ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: Replacing 300gb disk RP7420

Thanks for your reply, after reading a bit more I have come to the conclusion that its a firmware issue with the disk, this what I found:

Models: SCSI

FW Revision:

ST3300655LC <---------

Change Description


Details of the Change
Various Reliability and Performance enhancements. Issue resolution in rx7620
Avoid Timeouts and SCSI Downshifts on these Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drives Configured with HP ProLiant or Integrity Servers (HPC8/HPB9)

Perf. Enh>
Rel. Enh>
Issue Res>

Multi Initiator conflict, now handled in FW rather than a Power Cycle. Drive not seen by rx7620 server upon re-boot. Retries and works now. These HP SCSI hard drive models that are attached internally or externally to an HP Smart Array 6i/641/642/6402/6404 Controller or HP Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA) configured in an HP ProLiant or Integrity server may timeout or downshift to Ultra160 SCSI speeds. A speed downshift may occur during a drive array rebuild operation, causing the rebuild to fail.

What do you think, I marked the model I am using ST3300655LC, thanks again.