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RP5470 - Some general questions.. and installation help?

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RP5470 - Some general questions.. and installation help?

Hey guys, I'm new to everything related to server hardware, and I have recently acquired a huge rack full of servers that contains 2 RP5470 and 1 RP2430.

I have a couple of questions about RP5470:
1) Is it possible to access it via KVM switch? I've noticed that there's no vga/keyboard/mouse connection.

2) Is it possible to install any free alternative to HP UX? (Like any recent linux distro)

3) Is it accessible and usable ONLY by terminal/putty etc? I had the idea of using VMware on it to install mssql on a windows vm.

Now onto the installation part, all the servers were formatted prior to shipping, so, there's no OS in it. Do I just insert the HP UX cd, reboot and watch on terminal for installation? Is there any website with a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: RP5470 - Some general questions.. and installation help?

1) the console is only available via serial GSP connection - no VGA.

2) HP-UX is the only supported OS. Maybe there is a linux (debian?) that works.

3) see 2)

Hope this helps!

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Re: RP5470 - Some general questions.. and installation help?

1. The system should have a MP/ILO port for remote access. You can assign it a IP address.

2. You might be able to trade them in on some integrity systems that you can install Linux distros on. HPUX is supported by many applications including oracle.

3. HPUX supports xwindows as well as terminal based logins.

Re: RP5470 - Some general questions.. and installation help?

Hi John,

Please find the answers fo ryour questions:
1) No.

2) Both System (rp5470 and rp2430 )are Legacy systems . The Supporting OS is HPUX.

For more information :

3) You can access the server using Xwindows.

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