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rp7420 CPU's

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rp7420 CPU's

I was told by a support tech when I called HP that the firmware for the processors in this server is not upgradeable, but that they were manufactured with different-successively higher-revisions, and that procs of the same speed but different rev's were compatible with each other. However, I seem to have two procs ,both 1000MHZ, that work individually but not together. They are different part numbers, one is an A6437-04008, the other is AB230-04001. They are both Mako 1000MHZ PA8800. The CVERSION in MP lists one as 300 and the other as 301. Is there a firmware incompatibility issue, or two distinct types of the same speed proc.?
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Re: rp7420 CPU's


im quite sure that CPUs are no Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) on this System. If bad, the entire cell baord will be excahnged. Therefore, it is unlikely to get different CPUs within the same cell.
I'm not aware of dieffernt CPUs, anyway...

If both CPUs do not work together, contact local HP support.


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Re: rp7420 CPU's

Hi Charles,

in general CPU with different revision numbers work together if they are from the same type and speed, but the problem is that we do not have much experience with such situations on a rp7420, because it is not supported to replace CPUs on these systems.
They come as a whole (and tested) cellboard including CPUs with all the same revision.

regarding the firmware: The firmware is the same for all processors and is located on the cellboard in a central flash rom. The last firmware works with all supported CPU types in the rp7420.
Maybe it would be a good idea to contact HP Support if your rp7420 does not work as expected. At least you should have warranty ...
I expect you moved some CPU modules by yourself ? How did you test that the CPUs work alone ? What error did you get when you installed both CPUs ? In which slots were they installed ? Was a bus terminator installed before ? What about MP errors in the system event log ? What does "df" show for the two CPU modules ?

best regards