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scsi messages

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scsi messages

Whenever i reboot the server, I'm getting the below messages on my system (PArisc N4000 running 11.23) and the device is a HP scsi enclosure with tapedrive and dvdrom. I have tried switching off the tape drives (removed power cables) and still it comes. The only time this message didnt appear is that i have to remove the scsi cable from the server. Where will be problem? Scsi adapter, cable? or tape enclosure? ioscan shows everything claimed and normal and i'm able to run backup on the tape. But i want to know why i'm getting this message?

vmunix: SCSI: Resetting SCSI -- lbolt: 809, bus: 0 path: 0/0/1/0
vmunix: SCSI: Ignoring redundant reset request -- lbolt 809, bus: 0, path 0/0/1/0
vmunix: 0/0/2/0.6 tgt
vmunix: SCSI: Bus mode change detected on bus: 0, path: 0/0/1/0. Bus will be reset.
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Re: scsi messages


Check the patch level of the server specific to SCSI and try refreshing the SCSI if Dataprotector is used...

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Re: scsi messages

This error normally comes due to a SCSI ID conflicts or a Bad SCSI Cable/terminator.

Ensure that nothing else is connected to this channel. Remove the SCSI Cable from the HBA and see if the error comes. Thus, you may be able to narrow down the issue to a single hardware or cable.

If the cable and termination also good there, then you need to check for any patch as mentioned by Pratap.