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For a senior design prodject me and a group of 4 students are answering a request for proposal. It ask that we install a HP9000 T600 Unix system for the school. We have to get this done in order to graduate. Here are some of our problems:
-We have little documentation (an operators manual and a installation guide)
-Our terminal CRT just quit, can we use any dumb terminal to replace it?
-When starting the system we ussually get about 10 errors (the same), it went into PDC 1 time and then the primary and secondary boot path were wrong
-The entire system powered down b/c one of the members plugged the RAIDarrays into the same UPS and overloaded the system (terminal died then)Could this sudden shutdown cause a ton of problems for us?
-The terminal is now blank (no cursor), is it possible the terminal is still working and we just need to press some certain set of keys?
-The very last error I saw before it successfully booted into PDC was a stack error!
-This is why I cycled it one last time (then it booted up)
-Is there a list or documentation of what all the SP critical and non-critical errors mean?
-Some of the errors we were getting were about batteries, We don't have the UPS talking to the server so those make sense, the other errors are PFC#1 abnormal status; PFC#2 abnormal status; PSCM firmware error durring download; #90 control panel error
-the #90 and the stack overflow are the one's I am most curious about.
-This is the beginning of a lot of questions if any one can help

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Re: T600

Do a search for T600 documentation here:

You could a dumb terminal running vt100, but unless the cabling is correct it may not work. You could try ebay or a second hand computer dealer in your area. Try powering off the terminal and starting it again holding doen the 'd' key.

When starting the system interrupt it during the boot sequence. You should be able to use the 'SEA' search function from the 'BCH' menu to look for valid bootable devices.

This might be enough to get you started.
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