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Upgrading CPUs on RP3440

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Upgrading CPUs on RP3440

I am attempting to activate the second core on my 800 MHz 1-Way server. I am following the procedure documented in the HP9000 rp3440 2-Way Server Upgrade Procedure http://docs.fc.hp.com/en/A7137-96004/A7137-96004.pdf Chapter 4 page 74, step 4 directs me to type "ser" at the Main Menu prompt. The result is - "Invalid Command" I am accessing the system through the MP port and I'm at the MP prompt. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks - Walt
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Re: Upgrading CPUs on RP3440

hi walt,

If your at the MP prompt then you are still in the Management platform. You need to be at the PDC console level.
from mp prompt type
MP co
to take you to console of server.

from here you can type ser to go into the service menu at PDC.

The server does need to have been rebooted though and stopped at this point, pdc.

If you havent reboot the server and stop it from booting up then you get the message, to press any key to stop searching from first available path.

stop the boot and you will be at the Main(ma) menu and type


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Re: Upgrading CPUs on RP3440

Thank-you, Andy. I should have realized that myself. Works much better now!

- Walt