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Upgrading SD16000 to SD32000

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Upgrading SD16000 to SD32000

Hi All,
planning to upgrade SD16000 to SD32000.Also planning to add new cell board in existing npars.following is the detail
current config
sd16000 wit 2 npars having 3 cell boards.npar 0 have 1 PA8800 cell board (cell 0)connected to IO chassis 3 whereas 2nd npar have 2 PA8800 cell boards (cell 1 & 2)and connected to IO chassis 1. we are planning to add 5 new PA8900 cell boards in this SD.plan to move 2 PA8800 cell boards from npar 1 to npar0 and install new PA8900 cell boards in npar1.is it supported wthout destroying any data/partition information.what will be the cell loading order.3 new PA8900 cell boards will be ICOD active and 2 will be ICOD enabled.
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Re: Upgrading SD16000 to SD32000

This upgrade may be some complex and depend on the model you currently have. Maybe the npars must be re-created.

I would recommend to discuss this with your HP support - they will the upgrade do for you.

Hope this helps!

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