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Embrace the new normal and use Covid-19 as an opportunity for improvement with HPE GreenLake



The Covid-19 pandemic has had a material impact on the entire ICT market across the globe. Loss of revenue and delayed decisions from customers on their procurement, spend and projects means System Integrators (SIs) need to look for alternate revenue streams.

The key to sustainability from an SI perspective is to increase annuity revenue and reduce reliance on new projects to drive sustainable growth. Introducing a range of complementary services can also assist to de-risk the SI environment.

The good news is that the pandemic also brings with it opportunity – with so many businesses practically forced to adopt new technology to enable a remote workforce, digital transformation has rapidly accelerated. Covid-19 has not only highlighted the need for sustainability, it has all but compelled the adoption of next generation technologies, and therein lies the advantage.

A public cloud experience without the public cloud

While many businesses need cloud services to deliver agile and flexible solutions, the public cloud may not be the ideal platform for a number of reasons, including security and data sovereignty concerns.

The HPE GreenLake offering empowers SIs to deliver a public cloud experience using a platform hosted in their client’s own environment, through a consumption based IT model that gives both flexibility and agility as well as superior cost effectiveness.

The composition of the exact offering is dictated by the client’s environment and their needs, delivering IT, infrastructure and solutions on demand with the ability to easily scale up or down as necessary. This is highly attractive, as clients don’t need to invest in infrastructure or pay for assets and services they aren’t using – essential in the current environment where budgets are even more strained than usual.

Adding a layer of services

Since the GreenLake offering delivers a managed private cloud, where a variety of solutions are delivered as a service through a defined services contract, it helps SIs drive the annuity revenue they need for a more predictable income stream.

It’s also an ideal platform to overlay additional services to deliver an end-to-end offering for end customers. This includes data security and other security offerings as well as hybrid solutions. GreenLake also offers a stable platform to embed services from other providers, including the Azure cloud. The entire technology stack can in fact be overlayed on GreenLake, delivering a turnkey, secure, fully managed environment, enabling SIs to become full service providers and partners.  

Tapping into the heart of business

GreenLake changes the model for resellers and SIs, helping them to become part of the cloud conversation and deliver more value to their customers. In today’s environment IT, it is not just about speed and technical capability, it’s about tapping into the needs of business so that IT can become the driver for business to achieve its goals.

The box drop mentality carries diminishing margins and returns as well as vastly decreased relevance. With HPE GreenLake, SIs can transform their own business into the world of ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ (XaaS). Not only does this give the end customer more value, it secures the sustainability of the SI business going forward.

Perhaps even more importantly, the nature of GreenLake and its ability to enable a turnkey hybrid environment gives our channel partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves based on their value proposition, not their products or prices.

Faced with events like Covid-19, we need to acknowledge that working together is the only way to solve the challenges in our society. Coopetition empowers greater flexibility and transforms the route to market, as well as the business model and how we engage. The key is to tap into the heart of business and the value a business will gain from solutions, not products. This is essential to understanding how the right platform can make a meaningful difference to the entire ecosystem.

To find out more about HPE GreenLake visit: https://www.hpe.com/za/en/GreenLake.html.


Sandile Dube
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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