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Oneview 5.0

In our recent lightboard video, we look at some of the new features released in HPE OneView 5.0, HPE’s infrastructure management software solution.

HPE OneView connects into your servers, storage and networking for a single view of your infrastructure, all from one central management interface.

Let’s take a look at the new features released:

FlatSAN technology for Nimble Storage

With HPE OneView 5.0, you can now connect HPE Nimble Storage directly into an HPE Synergy frame using FlatSAN technology, eliminating the need for SAN switches. This means it’s faster to provision Nimble storage volumes using HPE OneView and delivers increased flexibility around how you access the Nimble storage from your Synergy compute nodes.

Faster fabrics

We’ve added some enhanced fabrics to the Virtual Connect portfolio, including a 100Gb Ethernet module and a 32Gb Fibre Channel module – these have been launched with associated mezzanine cards within the Synergy nodes, which can now run at 25Gb and 50Gb speeds. These enhanced fabrics mean you can now build out a group of 5 Synergy frames running at 25Gb per second, instead of the previous 10Gb per second.

This is important for customers who want to scale their Synergy infrastructure without compromising on network speeds.

Storage Spaces Direct

We’ve added the ability to use the embedded Direct Attached Storage in the HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module for Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces, making it much easier to deploy applications across your Windows Server environments.

Online firmware profiles

With the latest OneView 5.0 release, you can now dynamically allocate new server profiles across your live environment – meaning it’s quicker to deploy new applications, reduces the time required to make changes, gives you increased flexibility about how you use your infrastructure resources and results in less downtime during firmware updates.

Increased firmware compliance

We’ve added firmware compliance reports for the Synergy platform within the HPE OneView console, enabling users to log into HPE OneView and see the compliance landscape of the entire IT environment. This is great news for customers operating in heavily regulated industries where they need 360-degree visibility of their firmware compliance position.

Enhanced features to drive more flexibility and control across your IT

HPE OneView 5.0 capitalises on its centralised management capabilities with these new features, enabling you to drive greater efficiency, flexibility and compliance across your IT.

Find out more about HPE OneView:


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HPE UKI Solutions Architect

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