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How HPE can support business continuity for SMBs during Covid-19

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When the UK was put into lockdown, organisations had to move fast in order to facilitate home working for their staff. For some SMBs, this was an impossible task, especially if there had been insufficient historic investment in IT infrastructure. Consequently some organisations faced tough decisions around furloughing employees and changing the direction of the business. Most, however, have been able to reimagine the workplace, giving colleagues the opportunity to work remotely. But this brings challenges, especially to those organisations that have never worked remotely before, and those that may not have an IT team to facilitate this move. Secure remote working enables business continuity, and as businesses start to look at the longer-term plan, we thought it would be helpful to share our views on two common questions that SMBs have been faced with:


What’s the best way to work remotely?


How do I make it secure?


Efficient and effective remote working

HPE has helped many organisations through this transition; ensuring companies can continue to meet business goals whilst juggling staff working from home, which has become the new norm. Remote working requires your employees to adapt to new ways of working, and we have seen that setting them up with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or a remote desktop provides a familiar environment for a smooth transition to home working.

We can help you set up virtual workplaces, develop bespoke solutions and familiarise your staff with the right working practices. HPE Pointnext Services offer expert design and implementation for SMBs who may not have a dedicated IT specialist. The team can help tailor-make a solution designed specifically to your requirements and walk with you through the process.

Keeping your people connected is vital, with collaboration tools, remote desktop sharing and virtualisation solutions, but we’re aware that during this time, finances are difficult to forecast, so you may want to explore HPE GreenLake VDI. It provides on-demand usage, and you only pay for what you use. It’s reliable and secure, and also offers remote support from our engineers who are always on hand to offer fixes and guidance.

If you’re running a Windows Server at your office, it’s likely that you can take advantage of the embedded Remote Desktop Service (RDS) that will allow your employees to seamlessly access the same system, but from their home computer. This is an affordable and easy to use, simple solution.

We’ve seen some organisations struggling as their existing infrastructure is unable to keep up with the new demands of more and constant users. If you need more capacity, it’s worth looking at HPE Small Business Solutions for Virtualisation which offer simple, secure and efficient VDI solutions that are scalable, easy to manage, and offer you a solution that looks to the future, beyond lockdown. We can already see that the way in which we work may look very different, so it’s important to think about the long-term and invest in tech that will support you and your teams in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way.

Keep in mind that this is still all new to your staff, and there is a learning curve that will need to be managed. Some team members will be more tech-savvy, whilst others will take a little more time. Putting in place practical advice and support is just as important as the tech, to ensure that your colleagues are happy, and therefore productive. You could ‘buddy up’ team members to offer support, or ask the experts to act as champions, providing guidance when required.


Securing your remote network

Covid-19 has highlighted those organisations that may have under-invested in IT infrastructure and security. The pandemic has provided a new opportunity for threat actors, taking advantage of the less secure home broadband that employees are using and striking organisations that utilise legacy technologies. We’ve seen attacks soar across all industries. Keeping tech updated, flexible and agile helps to keep both the infrastructure and data secure. It’s also vital that your colleagues are briefed and reminded of the existing approaches around data protection and phishing attacks, highlighting why now, more than ever, it’s important to be vigilant.

If you’re an existing HPE customer, HPE Infosight can be quickly and easily enabled for you. HPE Infosight collects and analyses data from sensors on servers using AI analytics to predict, identify and resolve issues automatically. This means you don’t need to go looking for problems, they’re already identified and fixed, to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

If you’re looking for a new solution, HPE Small Business Solutions for File and Backup offers a central location for files and automated data backup, virus protection and optimal HPE Secure Encryption. Files, email and collaboration tools are available from any device, anywhere, perfect for remote working.

HPE Proliant servers offer unmatched security which is built in, so if you’re thinking about stepping up to a hybrid cloud, this is definitely one to consider.

We can help you configure your solution to customise it to match your business requirements. We can also offer advice to futureproof your organisation for the return to your regular workplace, whenever that may be and whatever it may look like. There will be a period of adjustment, so your solution should be flexible and look beyond the current crisis, helping your business to grow now, and into the future.

To support you in these uncertain times, HPE Financial Services can help with deferring payments, providing short term rentals and offering pre-owned tech. We also offer HPE GreenLake, a suite of complete IT solutions that are delivered on a pay-per-use basis. This can help you manage your capital whilst maintaining business as usual. Assistance is available, so if you need some additional financial advice or guidance, do get in touch.

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If you are interested in any of the solutions mentioned in this blog, or want to find out more about our response to Covid-19, have a look at our main Covid-19 blog, or please get in touch today.



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