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HPE helps maintain connectivity for healthcare and public sector services through Covid-19

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A spotlight has been shone on healthcare and public services like never before. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of the everyday services we usually take for granted and the vital role they play in facilitating a smooth-running country. The core roles are still very much onsite, with frontline staff unable to make the shift to remote working that we have seen across other areas of industry. Key workers – healthcare and medical, but also road workers, refuse collectors, social care workers and more – are still expected to deliver and maintain a continuity of care and service.


Tech to help stay connected

At HPE we are committed to help where we can, using our expertise to assist the vulnerable and those on the front line. Public sector services are under additional, unprecedented pressure and we understand that connectivity is mission critical for rapid response times. We are helping hospitals with fast, continuous access for critical applications and have pledged $50m of technology and support across key global markets, including the UK, to enable new hospital spaces and medical facilities. We’ve also signed the Open COVID Pledge, granting free access to all of our patented technologies for the purposes of diagnosing, preventing, containing and treating Covid-19.


Staying connected to vulnerable people is also a critical task for the public sector, conscious of the potential for a mental health crisis to run alongside Covid-19. HPE is keenly aware of the role technology can play in keeping in touch, and is mobilising thousands of older devices for public sector officers to distribute to those that need them most.


The public sector has a vital backbone of office staff who, when lockdown was announced, had to quickly acclimatise to home working and the challenges that brought. We know that the work of these colleagues can be just as critical as the frontline, so HPE Pointnext Services are offering free half day virtual consultancy to help public sector organisations with remote working, and our operations team are prioritising any technology requests related to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Aruba provides wireless networks

We recently assisted Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation as they took the first group of quarantined travellers repatriated from Wuhan and housed them on their premises in The Wirral. The hospital planned and provisioned a 40 AP wireless network in less than 24hrs in readiness for the arrival of the patients to the UK. Since then the hospital has constructed further dedicated areas to treat Covid-19 patients using technology Aruba has donated to the NHS.


Aruba Access Points and Aruba User Experience Insight can help hospitals with fast, continuous access to networks, ensuring critical applications are functioning. With the potential for pop-up clinics, HPE is prepared to help them operate in outdoor settings where wireless is the only option. Aruba can manage secure indoor and outdoor networks, supporting remote doctors and giving access to patient record systems anywhere.


Looking to the future

We are acutely aware that our support needs to be consistent through the crisis and beyond which is why we’re keen to get alongside all organisations and walk with them through this season to ensure they are able to deliver the vital services we depend upon. HPE Pointnext Services, mentioned earlier, provide advice on a huge range of IT requirements, including IT strategy during lockdown, operating and optimising your environment whilst staff are working in different ways and how AI can be harnessed in this situation, amongst many other key areas. We are aware that working practices have changed and may continue to evolve through the pandemic and beyond. HPE Pointnext Services can tailor advice and support along the way.


There is understandably also the concern of budgets throughout the pandemic and uncertainty of how future finances will be affected. HPE Financial Services offer advice and solutions to help ease the strain. We offer payment deferral, extended deployment, short term rentals and pre-owned tech, as well as helping you generate cash from assets not in use. We also offer HPE GreenLake, a suite of complete IT solutions that are delivered on a pay-per-use basis. This can help you manage your capital whilst maintaining business as usual now and into the future.


HPE is continuing to announce fresh support as we discover new needs and requirements surfacing. We cover more about this support in our main Covid19 support blog.

Get in touch

If you’d like to pick our brains or discuss anything with our specialists, please get in touch today.

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