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It’s all about the bottom line

What composable infrastructure can do for your business

If you think composable infrastructure is all about making life easier for developers, think again. It’s all about speed to market, the ability to innovate and driving commercial performance.

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Let’s cut to the chase

You’ll know all about the need to be flexible and agile. Especially in situations when turnaround and response times make a crucial difference to your competitiveness in the marketplace.

With composable infrastructure you can drive new business opportunities by quickly delivering revenue-generating products, services and experiences.

Agility enhances innovation, driving growth and productivity. Efficiencies enable you to manage costs, reduce risk and optimise workloads. Speed to market and responsiveness put you ahead of your rivals.

Composable infrastructure can revolutionise your business strategy and have a significant impact on revenue.

Understanding how it works – in principle, at least


Image from the HPE white paper: Composable infrastructure: bridging traditional IT with the IT Economy

In the idea economy, the speed at which a company can get new services to market defines success. Traditional infrastructures simply can’t create the new generation of mobile and cloud-native applications quickly enough, and the proliferation of these apps is only accelerating.

For example, mobile apps now drive the way the internet is consumed and designed. According to ComScore’s State of Mobile report (December 2019), apps accounted for 86% of smartphone usage in the UK in the two years to June 2019. Being able to produce apps quickly requires flexible and development-friendly resources. With composable infrastructure, what used to take weeks can now take just minutes, putting new experiences into customer hands faster.

As well as powering innovation and value creation by ramping up your operational speed, composable infrastructure can also help lower your IT operating costs, by running your business-as-usual workloads in the background more reliably and efficiently.

Here’s the techie part.

  • Composable infrastructure is a hybrid solution that eliminates costly silos and overprovisioning using a single intelligent software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual and containerised workloads, with fluid resource pools of compute, storage and fabric.
  • It can automate app and service delivery by precisely composing and growing infrastructure incrementally in real time for any workload.
  • It accelerates and radically simplifies provisioning with repeatable templates that ensure high reliability, consistency and control.

Put more simply, composable infrastructure provides your IT team with on-demand access to compute, storage and networking resources that can be assembled and reassembled to match current needs, giving you cloud-like agility on premises. This flexible resourcing can be managed quickly and easily through a single interface, programming your entire infrastructure with a single line of code.

There are other massive advantages to using composable infrastructure, too, such as reducing workloads, reducing risk while increasing compliance, and being able to run traditional in-house business applications securely in a private environment while leveraging the powerful benefits of cloud computing.

The overall step-change you’ll experience in enhanced performance, flexibility and resourcing will help your organisation to improve the customer experience, boost profitability and secure a competitive advantage in your market, now and in the future.

Our composable infrastructure web page has more details, and other real-world examples of how HPE composable infrastructure has generated commercial benefits for our clients.

To find out more (and discover what your digital infrastructure might sound like!) check out our free composable infrastructure resources.

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