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Making hybrid cloud migration simple with HPE OneView and HPE Synergy

The aim of any development is to make life easier, processes smoother and work more efficient with the ultimate goal of saving time and money. Removing the frustrations of clunky working practices that take effort is a weight off the shoulders of any IT team, especially as the Covid-19 situation may be placing an extra pressure on them at this time.

This is why we’ve designed our management software, HPE OneView, to work with other data centre management tools via an Open API. Naturally it works best with our hardware, but it provides a rich layer of infrastructure telemetry to other tools. We have an exciting and varied ecosystem of partners that we have developed over the past three years – the richest in the industry – with 30 or so in our corner already and a similar number keen to work with us and in development.

HPE OneView to rule them all

HPE OneView is the foundation of a modern data centre. Transforming compute, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure, it is easy to use; reliable, consistent and efficient. It works well within the changing working practices we are encountering, offering a simple solution to manage your cloud, wherever you are.

It is important to us to allow integration and automation with many common tools used by our customers, from the ubiquitous VMware vSphere and Microsoft System Center, to the relatively new DevOps providers like Chef, Puppet, Docker and Ansible and even facilities providers such as Schneider and Eaton. So far from suggesting that you throw away what you already have, we can help you integrate the infrastructure housekeeping tool with your existing development tools.

HPE OneView’s warranty offers integrated remote support, perfect for organisations struggling with the demands of supporting a remote workforce during the current pandemic. This support allows you to continue working almost as if you’re in your normal office environment, and we can offer you support in managing your data centre. HPE offer a free HPE OneView trial which you can download from our website.

HPE Synergy – services with a single line of code

Many customers are building out private clouds using existing multi-vendor infrastructure and this can take thousands of lines of code to pull together all the various compute, storage and networking elements. It’s complex, and all this code has a cost to maintain and is a risk, whilst HPE Synergy and its composable pool of resources and the Open API in HPE OneView can do the same work with a single line of code. HPE Synergy is a simple yet powerful software-defined solution, providing a single infrastructure for any workload and allowing you to simplify, automate and develop faster. Reducing the effort ‘below the line’, where all the housekeeping goes on, allows you to devote more effort above the line, creating services that add value and ensuring business continuity.

HPE OneView operates across much of the HPE server range and whilst its deployment in our HPE Synergy platform is an appliance rather than a virtual machine, a huge benefit is that the code base and experience is the same whichever platform you use. 

Looking to the future

As we look at alternatives to our HPE BladeSystem platform, this brings added significance.  If you are running HPE OneView on HPE BladeSystem, migrating to other HPE platforms is relatively straightforward. Even more so if you are using Virtual Connect. In fact, we have customers that are running both HPE BladeSystem and HPE Synergy simultaneously and using HPE OneView to manage both. This can be facilitated via a separate (but free) software tool called HPE OneView Global Dashboard. This allows you to migrate workloads at your own pace, and moving to a familiar platform such as HPE Synergy means there’s no need for additional training and little interruption to service, both key factors at this uncertain time.

 Oneview new redone.jpg

Isn’t this how the cloud works?!

Software controlling flexible hardware that is invisible to the user has all the trademarks of a cloud, wouldn’t you say?! So, this is where we throw consumption into the mix. We know that consumption is a big deal, and, more importantly, only paying for what you use. HPE Greenlake enables you to consume, manage and control all your public and private cloud services from a single portal, simplifying your operations and managing your risk. We’ve also brought the experts in, and over the past three years HPE has acquired several innovative software services organisations that bring huge experience in migrating to cloud platforms; Cloud Technology Partners, Red Pixie and CloudCruiser. These groups provide the capability to monitor and charge activity at the virtual machine level – allowing you to run an on-premises cloud environment that’s fully under your control from a cost, SLA, governance and security perspective.

Whilst we realise the value of public cloud, we believe a hybrid model is more logical, giving you control whilst keeping all the benefits of a public cloud. It’s up to you what you migrate and when, based on where you see each of your workloads fitting best. We understand that each organisation is different, and may have varying priorities at the moment, so if you’d like to talk to us about the best next step for you, get in touch.

If you’re interested in what HPE OneView can do for you, please get in touch with your business partner, account manager, or me and we can provide some virtual demonstrations and tailored advice.

Julian Keetch, Hybrid IT Business Development Manager

Get in touch

If you would like to pick our brains or discuss anything with our specialists, please get in touch today.

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