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The cost of storing nothing in the public sector

Did you know that we only use 60% of the IT storage that we buy?* This means that the 40% sitting empty is still being paid for. And in the public sector, where every pound is crucial, these resources could be redirected into critical transformational projects.

The estimated UK spend on external storage is £1 billion per year. Assuming storage is 60% efficient, this means there is £400 million wasted every year storing nothing. This doesn’t even include power, cooling or operational costs either.

*Gartner report - ‘IT Key Metrics Data 2019: Key Infrastructure Measures: Storage Analysis’

Why don’t we use all our storage?

A typical approach to buying data centre storage involves predicting the amount of storage needed in the next three to five years and then paying up front for it. On day one, you’ll only be using a small amount, and then of course, it will grow. Over time, however, situations change. We can’t always predict exactly what the future requirements will be and in addition, technology moves on so quickly, there’s always something bigger and better to invest in, rather than continually upgrading old storage arrays.

What’s the solution?

Ensuring maximum efficiency and the best value for public money is key. ‘As-a-Service’ options ensure you only pay for what you use. Rather than trying to predict the future and over-cater for it, there are ways of providing the minimum capacity needed on day one, with a buffer capacity that is only paid for when it’s in use. HPE GreenLake is a Storage-as-a-Service solution which monitors usage and automatically tops up the storage buffer when it’s getting full. Only the storage that is being used is ever paid for and any technology refresh is invisible, scheduled as part of the ongoing service to keep up to date.

This graph demonstrates the difference between the traditional approach of paying for storage upfront (orange), compared with the actual consumption and the potential savings with HPE GreenLake ‘as-a-Service’ option (blue).

Tony PS blog graph.png

What are the benefits?

Aside from the clear cost-saving benefit, HPE GreenLake supports the explosion of data we’ve seen in the public sector. Using this data to connect and automate services creates a better experience for citizens, but only if they actually work well. With an agile and flexible storage solution that expands and contracts with your data, there will always be capacity for innovating at speed to provide efficient services to the community.

A simple approach

We’ve made HPE GreenLake simple. It’s also easy to procure as we have a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Crown Commercial Service. This makes it simple and cost effective to take advantage of agreed discounts on a range of HPE services, including HPE GreenLake. An approved buying route that saves you money and a storage solution that’s designed for efficiency promote a better use of public money, paving the way for investments and improvements in other areas.

If you’re interested in finding out more about HPE GreenLake and how it could benefit you, please get in touch.

Tony Stranack
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Tony is a chief technologist at HPE, leading information and data strategies in EMEA. Tony empowers clients to develop and implement methods to increase storage efficiency and extract value from their assets.

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