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Why you should get onboard with software-defined technology and HPE Synergy

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Why you should get onboard with software-defined technology and HPE Synergy

It feels like there’s new tech chat thrown into the mix every day, but ‘software-defined technology’ is one that’s definitely been making an impact.

What is software-defined technology?

There is no faster way of changing something in your infrastructure than through software. When you’ve got a data centre full of complex compute, network and storage devices, software makes it easier to manage all those things from one place. Instead of updating each element individually, software reduces the potential for error by allowing you to automate changes in your infrastructure. A software-defined infrastructure increases your speed of operation and consistency, ensuring everything is managed to the same standard. This allows you to scale much quicker, using software to make the necessary changes within your infrastructure.

Software changes are fast and flexible, and by creating templates for your workloads and applications, you can then apply them quickly and easily, again and again. It’s like ordering your shopping online each week; the application knows your shopping list and it’s familiar, easy to use, and easy to tweak, adjust and develop if you fancy trying something new! The same applies to the software – when updates or changes need to be made, it’s as simple as editing a single template. 

Do you have automation tools that make life easier for IT admins?

But what about the hardware?

There will always be someone in your organisation that cares about the hardware, but for most users, their focus is on delivery using a fully-functioning, high performing, easy to use system. A consistent and easily scalable environment is important to ensure users are able to work at maximum efficiency. Application development accelerates at pace each day, and is only going to increase, so it’s vital that organisations have a flexible infrastructure that can support this pace of development.

HPE Synergy is the evolution of our well-loved blade technology. Offering more than a traditional bladed infrastructure, HPE Synergy is a powerful software-defined solution that allows you to simplify, automate and develop faster. All good news for modern organisations, especially with the flexibility and simplicity that come with HPE Synergy’s management interface, called HPE OneView. If you’re already using a blade infrastructure and are looking to upgrade, then this is the natural next step. In fact, if you’re using HPE BladeSystem with HPE OneView today, then it’s exactly the same experience, so you’re well on your way already.

What’s so good about HPE Synergy?

With developments in tech and the advancements in performance requirements, there are understandably more limitations on older infrastructure. We’ve built HPE Synergy using our experience and what we’ve learnt along the way; keeping pace with changing tech is challenging, so we’ve designed HPE Synergy with the future in mind; the platform is ready for Photonics – and you can’t get any faster than the speed of light!

HPE Synergy offers a single software defined infrastructure for any workload, supporting current and next-gen apps that may have different infrastructure requirements and allowing you to compose physical, virtual and container workloads with storage and networking into any configuration, whilst integrating with your existing data centre. Combining software-defined technology with the right hardware provides a platform to deploy at almost cloud-like speeds. Using HPE OneView as your management software is the icing on the cake, making it simple to deploy and manage your infrastructure and giving you that template approach for flexibility and consistency. Not only that, but its automation ability simplifies lifecycle management across your entire IT infrastructure, allowing self-monitoring and smooth updates.

Software-defined technology signals a huge step in automation, integration and innovation within a simple and efficient infrastructure. We think HPE Synergy is a great place to start your software-defined journey, but there are other options. Look out for my next blog on different hardware options.


Julian Keetch, Hybrid IT Business Development Manager


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