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Brocade switch Firmwaredownload -n issue

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Brocade switch Firmwaredownload -n issue

I have tried to use the following command:

firmwaredownload -n (-N) ,ftpuser,release.plist

The -n in lowercase did not work at all
The -N in uppercase allowed the switch firmware to be installed but it still got committed to both partitions on the switch

I am going to be doing a large SAN upgrade and would like to use the -n option which is listed in a brocade pdf file - can any body supply me the correct syntax for this.

many thnaks in advance
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Re: Brocade switch Firmwaredownload -n issue

firmwareDownload command defaults to an autocommit option that automatically copies the
firmware from one partition to the other.

Enter the firmwareDownload -s command to update the firmware and respond to the prompts
as follows:
switch:admin> firmwareDownload -s
Type of Firmware (FOS, SAS, or any application) [FOS]:
Server Name or IP Address:
Network Protocol (1-auto-select, 2-FTP, 3-SCP) [1]:
User Name: userfoo
File Name: /home/userfoo/v6.0.0
Do Auto-Commit after Reboot [Y]: n
Reboot system after download [N]: y
Firmware is being downloaded to the switch. This step may take up to 30
Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...
The switch will perform a reboot and come up with the new firmware to be tested. Your current
switch session will automatically disconnect.
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Re: Brocade switch Firmwaredownload -n issue

Larry is perfectly right.

I would recommend running the firmwarecommit after a week or so just to help incase firmwarerestore is required.

Remember to keep a watch on the
"errdump -r"

"errshow -r"

o/p after upgrade of the first switch to see if u see any conflicts.