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Nimble vs ESXi

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Nimble vs ESXi

ProLiant DL360 Gen10 + ESXi 7.0b installed

The server has no storage other than the internal SD card. How can I connect to the Nimble storage, when every guide I read talks about the plugin for the VCSA? I tried to connect a USB drive to the server and deploy VCSA, but it's just 64GB and shuts down due to lack of free space.

So no VCSA means no connection to the Nimble or I'm missing something? There must be another way.

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Re: Nimble vs ESXi

To clarify - you have a single server, running ESXi (the free version) with no other servers, and no vCenter?

You can absolutely provision storage to an ESXi server:

  1. Configure your iSCSI vSwitches on the ESXi server
  2. Add the array iSCSI Discovery Address to your Storage Adapters
  3. Create an initiator group with your host IQN in the array UI
  4. provision a volume to said initiator group using the "ESX 5" policy
  5. Rescan your ESXi host adapters to discover new volume
  6. Create new VMFS volume

All of this is detailed in the VMware deployment considerations guide, i believe. The vCenter plugin automates all of the above manual tasks.

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Re: Nimble vs ESXi

Correct, currently using just one server with ESXi evaluation licence, later adding a second one and when it's all working a full licence will be added too.

Thanks for the prompt reply, I will give it a try and report back.

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Re: Nimble vs ESXi


you should also install Nimble connection manager for vmware on your ESXI host



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Re: Nimble vs ESXi

Got it working using this manual setup, thanks!

Now the only thing left is to decide the volume sizes and migrate the VMs from the old host.