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Using HPE Predictive Cloud Platform to Address Splunk Enterprise Deployment challenges

With the explosion of data to be collected and analyzed as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT), customers are faced with the challenge of finding the correct applications and architecture to support their Big Data initiatives. Splunk Enterprise has become a core solution for many customers wanting to gain better insight from their data.

Splunk Enterprise was created as a “white box” application. It uses commodity servers with internal drives, scaling capacity and performance by simply adding more servers. However, as more and more large organizations have implemented Splunk Enterprise in this way, data volume has grown and they have found themselves with silos of data storage connected to individual servers that can’t easily be shared or managed.

Splunk Enterprise customers with a white box solution also report challenges from the growth of data and the requirement to manage that growth with tiers of storage. Splunk Enterprise uses a tiered structure for hot, warm, cold, and frozen data. Each tier has different capacity and performance requirements. Data retention can cause some of those tiers to grow quickly into hundreds of terabytes. As a result, Splunk customers find themselves adding different types of storage to meet these requirements, increasing the complexity of their environment.

HPE Nimble Storage offers a Predictive Flash Platform ideally suited to a Splunk Enterprise deployment. With a full range of features for management, performance, scalability, and data protection, HPE Nimble Storage is uniquely suited to address the challenges of the entire lifecycle of Splunk Enterprise data.

HPE Nimble Storage allows customers to group multiple arrays to meet the needs of Splunk Enterprise data. Customers can choose to use All Flash arrays for their hot and warm data that is searched frequently. They can use Adaptive Flash arrays with high capacity drives for cold and frozen data. Furthermore, for frozen data, customers have the additional option of using HPE Cloud Volumes as a low cost, low performance tier.


HPE Nimble Storage arrays provide a number of advanced features that reduce cost and complexity for Splunk customers. For example, customers running Splunk Enterprise can expect a data compression ratio of 1.5x on HPE Nimble Storage generating a 50% space savings over direct attached disks.

With Splunk Enterprise deployments reaching hundreds of terabytes, backup and restoration of data can tax even a robust infrastructure. HPE Nimble Storage snapshot backups allow customers to save their data in seconds and even replicate it to a secondary location for long term retention. With volume collections, snapshot copies can be synchronized between all the tiers of storage, making restore processes much easier.

HPE Nimble Storage customers also benefit by eliminating the need to create and manage multiple copies, or replicas, of data. With a white-box solution customers need to have replicas of their data to prevent losing access in the case of a server failure. In many cases, customers have three replicas of data, effectively tripling their storage requirements. However, with HPE Nimble Storage, there is no risk of losing data in the case of a server failure. Customers can decrease the number of replicas to two to allow for continual data access in the case of a server failure. If a server fails, data is not lost and remains accessible from the replica until the server is repaired and reconnected to the array, or another takes its place.

All these and other considerations for running Splunk Enterprise on HPE Nimble Storage can be found in the recently published HPE Nimble Storage Deployment considerations for Splunk Enterprise on InfoSight .

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HPE Nimble Storage customers also benefit by eliminating the need to create and manage multiple copies, or replicas, of data. 


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