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SN6010C Compatibility with Hitachi 110

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SN6010C Compatibility with Hitachi 110

I have two new SN6010C SAN switches, and just zoned them with 3par and gen 10 servers. However, I'm unable to zone my old storage which is an Hitachi HUS 110 to this new environment. I'm sure the zoning has been done correctly, but still cant add the gen 10 servers to the hitachi storage.

Suprisngly, I'm unable to get any details of the compatibility matrix of this SN6010C switch anywhere online. Could someone help with getting this info, or any ideas why I'm not able to see the hosts on the zoned through this switch. NPIV has also been enabled


Re: SN6010C Compatibility with Hitachi 110

Hi @KIngstone,

You will need to raise your query for HPE SN6010C (aka Cisco MDS 9148S) switch compatibility with Hitachi Vantara, cross-referencing the Hitachi Vantara HUS 110 support matrix, since the Hitachi HUS 110 is not an HPE product.

All of HPE's storage compatibility matrices can be found on the HPE Storage Single Point of Connectivity website (or "SPOCK" for short), and you will need to register for an HPE Passport account to access it.

Matrices for the SAN switches and Directors can be found either under "Other Hardware" -> "Switches" or simply browse the matrices under "SAN Compatibility" -> "View by FC Switch".

As the C-Series FC Switch Connectivity stream on SPOCK states (which includes the HPE StoreFabric SN6010):

"For specific supported NX-OS versions for SANs involving 3rd-party equipment, please consult your 3rd-party vendor.".

In principle, provided that you have followed the Hitachi Vantara, guidelines for the HUS 110 and whatever OS is on the G10 servers, and the FC HBAs in use on the G10 server are supported and running current drivers and firmware, and you have verified that the server's HBA port WWNs have a physical connection to the SN6010s and are visible on its ports, I see no reason that it shouldn't work, however this needs to be checked with Hitachi.

Do you have any other servers zoned to the Hitachi HUS 110 which do work correctly? If so, are there any significant difference between them?

I am an HPE employee. #IWork4HPE. The opinions expressed above are my personal opinions and not those of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Re: SN6010C Compatibility with Hitachi 110

Thanks for the reply. We just did a tech refresh, and the got the gen 10s and 3par. The previous servers were old Cisco servers zoned using brocade switches with the HUS 110. Unfrotunately the servers have been moved to a different site, and cant access them to test, but previously they worked fine with this storage.

I would have asked the hitachi team but we're out of support on it. I'll just try follow up on their forum in case there's something I'm missing. But will check SPOCK and continue troubleshooting as well